Reunion Committee


This is from one of our last Reunion Committee meetings before our 60th Reunion when we met to put final plans together for our upcoming reunion.  Pictured are:  Bill Porter, Wendell Jackson, Chuck Klumpp, Sally Buma Newman, Judy Hanson Dillard and Bonnie Benson Concialdi.  Our first committee meeting was in September 2021 at Bonnie's home and Marv and Sjanie Holm were in town from Texas, Wendell Jackson, Dwight and Sandy George, Sally Buma Newman, Kay Green Gerken, and Chuck Klumpp started the plans!  Eventually our 60th Reunion was set for September 23-25, 2022 and we were going to have a School Bus Trip to visit South Gate High School, compliments of Wendell Jackson!  Because of Covid, we met via Zoom calls and a few of us met at the Long Beach Holiday Inn to view the banquet room, the Vue Bar & Grill, and met with the catering manager to taste the food we were going to have served!  All went well and we had a successful 60th Reunion!


Our first Reunion meeting at Vince and Bonnie Concialdi's home and we celebrated Judy Hanson Dillard's birthday besides getting the ball rolling for another fabulous Reunion!  Date now set for September 16, 2017 at The Grand Event Center in Long Beach, where we had our 50th! 

Standing:  Dwight George, Steve Gray, Diane Curry Brewer, Wendell Jackson, Jan DuFau Stupin, Sandy George, Bonnie Benson Concialdi, Sally Buma Newman, Gladys Butts Cole.  Sitting: Bill Porter, James Dillard, Judy Hanson Dillard, and their granddaughter.   Unable to attend:  Dennis Ashley, Richard Beard, Sherry Leake Varga.

The 51st Reunion Picnic Committee

Jan Stupin, Diane Brewer, Bill Porter, Rich & Barbara Beard, Dwight George, Sue Ross, Bonnie Concialdi

Joe and Karen Blaylock

June 23, 2013 Meeting at Huntington Beach Central Park - Planning our picnic and 51st Reunion!!!

The 50th Reunion Committee

Vince Concialdi, Dwight George, Sandy George, Bill Porter, Bonnie Concialdi, Jan Stupin, Judy Dillard, Betty Harvey, Sally Newman, Judy Leavell, Richard and Barbara Beard, Sue Ross (left to right standing)               Mike Cairns, Karen and Joe Blaylock, Diane Brewer, Donna Tallmedge, Dennis Ashley (left to right kneeling)

August 2011 -- Reunion Committee

August Meeting at Dwight and Sandy George's house...18 in attendance and others on vacation.

 Front Row: Bonnie Benson Concialdi and Diane Curry Brewer

Middle Row: Pug Brewer, Donna Folwell Talmadge, Elaine Butts Coles, Sally Buma Newman, Judy Hanson Dillard, Sandy George, Judy Clarkson Leavell, ?, Sue King Ross, Jan Dufau Stupin, Karen McCoulough Blaylock

Back Row: Bill Porter, Dwight George, Joe Blaylock, Marvin Holm and Richard Beard