Teen Rockers

Music accompanies this gallery. Click here to listen.

Photos contributed by Bonnie Benson Concialdi

The Teen Rockers started in Junior High School with Walter Andrade (S'62), Barry Van Fosson (W'62), Rick Holt (S'62) and Bill Hughes (S'63).  They entertained us through High School and beyond! In 1960 they recorded two songs for ELDO Records, "Scat Cat" and "Rattlesnake."  We are in the process of trying to add those two songs and the song, "Pledging My Love," sung by Walter Andrade not too long before he passed away. Check out the photos here and, hopefully, hear their great sound and beat and dance along with it!!!!!!  A few years ago Bill Hughes recorded Walter singing and put all the backround music to it.  This should bring back some special memories for sure!!  Thank you, Bill, for sharing this with us! Click on the first picture to start the slideshow.  If the music is operating, click the Link to Play Music before clicking the pictures to hear all three songs.  You may need Adobe Flash Player and then click the music box to start and end the music.  Enjoy!