60th Reunion Survey

It's September 2021 and some classmates have been wondering if we are going to have a 60th Reunion!  If so, it's time to start planning and here's a survey to help us determine the level of interest.  Most likely we would plan something for the Fall of 2022.  Please let us know your thoughts and interest level by completing the survey as soon as possible. 

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1)   Would you attend a 60th Reunion?

Yes No
2)   Will you have to travel a distance that would require the Reunion venue to be near an airport?

Yes No
3)   What is your preference for a 60th Reunion:

4)   Any suggestions for a 60th Reunion site?

5)   Any concerns, ideas, or comments, please note them in the Comment Box.

This survey ended on 02/24/2022.