60th Reunion Survey

Our 60th Reunion is planned, in the works, and lot's of special activities!  We want to know your plans and interest level so please answer our survey as soon as possible!  We need to hear from you all!

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1)   Do you plan to attend our 60th Reunion?

2)   If you are planning to attend, please answer this question so we can get a better possible count of those who may be attending. If you will be attending alone, check "Classmate Only" and fill in your name. If you will be bringing a guest (spouse, partner, etc.), check "Classmate and Guest" and fill in either "Guest" or the Guest's name along with yours in that space.

  Classmate only and Name
  Classmate and Guest Names
3)   Do you plan to stay at the Holiday Inn?

  Friday and Saturday nights
  Saturday night only
  Won't be staying at the Holiday Inn
4)   Will you be bringing an RV and interested in staying at the Golden Shores RV Resort?

  Thursday night, September 22
  Friday night, September 23
  Saturday night, September 24
  Sunday night, September 25
5)   Do you plan to attend the Visit to South Gate High School on Saturday morning, September 24?

6)   Will you be flying in to Long Beach Airport? There is a free shuttle service from the airport to the Holiday Inn from 5:30 AM to Midnight.

Yes No
7)   Are you interested in going to the Aquarium?

8)   We know it is early, but we'd be interested in your comments.